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Secure Document Shredding In Cypress, TX

At Neighbor's Postal Plus, We Take Document Destruction Seriously

We hear too many horror stories on the TV or internet resulting from confidential information getting into the wrong hands. If this happens to your business, it can be the end of it all for you.  So whether your business is accounting, medical, banking, legal or government agencies, small or big, your customers and employees’ data are targets of thieves, vandals, and industrial espionage. With today’s information explosion resulting from the increased use of copiers and computers, staggering amounts of sensitive information is being generated and carelessly discarded. The Supreme Court has ruled that information when carelessly discarded in the trash is “fair game” to anyone. Also outdated or inactive company files can also become damaging once they have reached their legal limit of retention. 
Statistics has it that one in four American adults have been defrauded in various identify theft schemes. The estimated total costs to businesses of corporate espionage in the U.S. is over $7 billion in losses yearly. This is an unimaginable nightmare for most people, and a nefarious windfall for the growing ranks of corporate scavengers and identity thieves currently farming America’s trash.  The loss of trust from your customers and employees’ from any breach can be catastrophic to any business. We, at Neighbor's Postal Plus will help you eliminate the risk by shredding those sensitive documents that are no longer needed into pieces, and protect your company from potential lawsuits from breach of any privacy law. Neighbor's Postal Plus provides industrial-grade shredding services that will pulverize any document rendering it unreadable, and best of all it is very affordable. 
Neighbor's Postal Plus document destruction services were developed with a bonded and licensed professional company.  Our set up is speciafically designed to deal with the privacy and confidentiality requirements of individuals and organizations. None of our staff will even see your confidential documents since you will place them in our locked bins, and they will be hauled off by the shreading company. By the pallet or by the pound, we’ll make sure your documents end up in a million pieces.

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