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Digital Fingerprinting | Cypress, TX

Digital Fingerprinting in Cypress, TX

Offering The Next Generation Of Fingerprint Technology

If you think your employees, renters e.t.c need background checks, then you definitely need to come and see us. The days of “ink on paper” fingerprinting are quickly going the way of snail mail. Neighbor's Postal Plus offers the next generation of fingerprint technology—Livescan, otherwise known as Digital Fingerprinting. Unlike ink-on-paper fingerprints, digital fingerprints can be transmitted electronically and shared among agencies. It is more efficient and cost-effective, so readily accepted by many states, federal agencies, and industries rather than ink-on-paper.  Everyone now require digital fingerprinting.

What is digital fingerprint:

Digital fingerprinting or livescan is a means of capturing and transmitting fingerprints electronically. It is the high-tech version of rolling
someone's fingers in ink and pressing them down on a card. It is more precise, clean and returns results more quickly. Most states are now requiring digital fingerprinting for various occupations. Whether it is healthcare, police, corrections officers, real estate agents, and financial industry, to name just a few. Even many daycare centers and non-profit organizations use our digital fingerprinting to screen workers and volunteers alike.  

Neighbor's Postal Plus have partnered with the best digital fingerprint provider in the world (Fieldprint) to bring it to your doorsteps. Fieldprint will provide you the next generation identity management system, unparalled in breadth, sophistication and user-friendliness.  To make and appointment, please visit Fieldprint website at and choose  Neighbor's Postal Plus

Organizations That May Require Digital Fingerprints

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Police
  • Security
  • Banking
  • Real Estate
  • Legal
  • Accounting

Neighbor's Postal Plus has the advanced equipment and software necessary for digital fingerprinting in Cypress, TX.

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